About Me

Hi friends, I am a part of http://www.afscmekentucky.org/. As an employer, I found it is necessary to educate other business owners and employers about the legalities of employment in the United States. I practice in part time as an employment legal advisor in a private company. I intend to share my knowledge with the public and decided to launch this blog. Hope you find the information useful for your business. If you have any doubts or comments, please share with me. I am also ready to assist you with employment legal issues. I have been working as employment legal advisor for the last five years.

In our company, we provide practical support and advice to assist you in managing your people and ensuring that you are in agreement with the employment law. The success of any business depends upon the performance and wellbeing of the employees. It is necessary to check whether your organization is obedient to the employment law. Most business owners struggle due to small internal resources and lack of knowledge in the employment law.

We will work as a team to sort out the issues and provide a solution for your business. We are available round the clock. You can send a mail or contact me via Facebook for a quick response.  We make use of latest technology and software to provide solutions as per your requirements. If you want a free quote, send a mail or contact via our contact form. We will help you with employee handbooks, employment contracts, absence management and much more.