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12, January 2017

Romance and Legality at Work

Pregnancy & Love In The Work Place

Pregnancy and Love – Work Place Issues to Resolve
Employers strive for the most harmonious workplaces in order to maximize employee productivity. Keeping emotional issues to a minimum helps employees derive optimal achievements in their particular positions. However, the human factor is always an element that can unsettle a work place environment. Pregnancy and love in the work place can be a source of discord if management is unprepared to resolve potential issues.


The length of time allowed for pregnancy leave depends on several factors:
. Type of work performed by the pregnant individual
. The required number of employees (15) who are protected under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
. Pre-determined business policies regarding pregnancy
. State laws regarding pregnancy in the work place

In most cases, businesses adhere to the allotment of six weeks for Pregnancy Leave. This may apply to the pregnant mother and also the father. This depends on policies of the business and also whether the particular pregnancy issues relate to EEOC guidelines.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) allows pregnant employees certain rights to continue their jobs and also have certain duties of their jobs adjusted. It is important that employers be made aware of pregnancy so employers can make these adjustments.

Love in the Work Placelove-163690_1280One of the more difficult issues that often arise in the work place is romance between two employees or between an employer and employee. In either case, love in the work place may have a negative ripple effect.

Ideally, objectivity is the operative that can avoid any flare ups due to love in the work place. It may be a good idea to indicate in each new hire’s orientation program that romance between employees is frowned upon. However, this is not always possible to enforce.

When employees become enamored of each other, the reaction of other employees may range from annoyance to complete approval. It is incumbent upon the two involved in a work place love relationship to ensure their attitudes and behaviors remain “professional” at all times and that harmony among all employees in the work place is their priority. Although these issues tend to occur in smaller businesses, it is not unusual for love in the work place to occur in large corporations.

Married Employees Divorcing

Nepotism in the work place is a two-edged sword for many employers. This occurs most often when two employees decide to marry or when an employer marries an employee. In the public sector, these involvements are less likely to occur due to strict adherence to Civil Service regulations that disallow two related individuals to be employed in the same areas of the workplace.

This might be a way for employers to also avoid the issue of nepotism. Should married employees divorce, it would necessarily require a change of workplace duties or location within the business. Employers must avoid the appearance of bias toward employees who decide to marry or divorce in order to avoid potential legal issues. If you do find yourself in these legal issues, it is best to contact a family lawyer.

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